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Imagine having a fun day at the comfort of your home.
Swimming in your home pool, playing pool games with friends, throwing water ball with your kids or just relaxing by the poolside at the weekend.
Smartpool breaks the bubble myths that stop you from having fun & recreation pool at your home.
Who said you need bigger home space & budget to have your own pool ?
With Smartpool, you can build your home pool in any limited space you want. Our smallest Smartpool takes just the space of a small to medium car park bay. Impressive, isn’t ?
That too in a fraction of a cost compared to traditional swimming pools.
Smartpool is easy to install, maintain and can be fitted in your home, office or any space you want.
You don’t have to compromise your privacy by swimming in public pools anymore. Have countless fun moments in your own private backyard, in the most affordable way.



LAPS pools are compact & effortless to install compared to the traditional pools that take months or even years to get built. Our ready-made pools can make your home space to a private oasis in minutes.


Be it your home, office or even on your existing swimming pool – Smartpool fits anywhere and everywhere. Our smallest Smartpool takes just 130 sqft! You can even convert your existing pool to Smartpool in minutes.


Smartpool is so easy to take care, that it literally takes just a few minutes in a month for maintenance. Fill the water just once and you’re done for the rest. With automatic water filling system and the leak-proof pool body, it’s all about tension-free swimming..


Get the complete cardiovascular fitness & total body workout with Smartpool swimming. From water jogging, simple floating and different water stroking exercises, Smartpool can be your next fun gym at home.


It's countless fun & merry to swim in Smartpool every day. Enjoy the goodness of swimming with your family & friends. As you can adjust the entire settings of Smartpool by yourself, with zero pool maintenance tensions, you have hassle-free swimming every day.


With less space, work, and labor to install, along with its low maintenance features, it takes only a small fraction of cost to build Smartpool. Less usage of electricity and water makes it even more desirable thereby reducing your power bills. You save a large sum of money at all levels.